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I want to emphasize that you do not require all of these goods, particularly if you are just getting started. But I also want you to remember something that took me years to figure out, but hopefully won’t take you as long: having the appropriate tool is only half the battle.

This is how easy it is.

It’s evident that you can complete a project without a required component. Have you ever attempted to sew a hidden zipper without using a zipper foot? Or rip a long seam without the use of a seam ripper?

I, for one, have. And I did get the task done, but it wasn’t quick, and it wasn’t the best job I could have done.

Just keep in mind that not having the correct tool for the job can lead to a lot of aggravation, which might lead to you giving up sewing altogether. So keep an eye out for things that take longer than expected and, whenever possible, invest in a nice sewing accessory.

If I tried to list every single sewing item available on the market, this list would be extremely large. But the truth is that most projects won’t require all of them, so I won’t.

I will, however, begin with some of the most basic tools that everyone requires, and then move on to other tools that you may not have considered.

So, what are the essential sewing accessories? Let’s have a look at them.

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Sewing Machine Basics


A nice pair of scissors is a seamstress’s best friend; this is the one item I recommend you invest in if you can (but protect it with your life because kids often grab them to cut paper, which is a major no-no because it dulls the blades and causes the scissor to cut the cloth incorrectly).

This one, which has excellent reviews and is quite reasonable, can be obtained on Amazon. A must-have!!

Machine Needle

You’ll need needles for your machine, and having a variety for different types of textile is a good idea. These sets are available in a variety of sizes.

Always, always!, have extra needles. It’s impossible to have enough needles. Needles break for a variety of causes, and I’ve had to go through an entire box of them to complete a denim job.


You probably already know that sewing is impossible without thread, but I’m referring to color variety rather than the thread itself. Ideally, you want to match the color to your fabric as nearly as possible by taking a sample of your fabric to the shop and having the thread color matched as closely as feasible.

This is not always easy to do, though, if you don’t live near a sewing shop or for other reasons. Having these bright sets means you’ll have a similar hue to work with on almost any cloth, and you won’t have to sew a red textile with blue thread, for example.

Pins And Pin Cushion

A must-have for practically every job, as it aids the sewer in keeping the fabric aligned or in place before stitching. A box of pins is really affordable and is definitely useful to have on hand!

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Measuring Sewing Accessories

Measuring Tape

For obvious reasons, it’s included in all sewing kits; you’ll need it for everything!

 Quilter’s Ruler

A must-have for every quilter or patchwork enthusiast, but I recommend it to everyone! For sizing, larking, and cutting components, this is ideal.


By drawing on the fabric, you can accurately measure, mark, and cut it. There are many different types of markers, ranging from chalk to water soluble pencils to heat pens (which disappear when you iron the fabric).

They all do the same thing: they allow you to temporarily damage the fabric.

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